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​ has a tiny staff and limited resources. We would welcome not only monetary donations, but resources such as clothing, hygiene products and any other products or materials you might come across that would help the homeless, hopeless, and poor. Please contact us at Thank you.
A Hero's Tribute Donation
Books are sold by Sara Jewell and pins by Cheryl Polk to help these ministries. Donations can be made directly to through PayPal.

 TOG covers a variety of projects:

  • Touch His Cloak, Helping Abused Women in Houston, Building the Fellowship Hall of Copeland Baptist Church, Florida
  • Gifting children at Christmas
  • As needed help to the community

Donations can also be made to A Hero’s Tribute through PayPal.

These funds will go to creation of 8 x 10 Memorial Prints for the families of our Fallen Heroes. On line memorials are always free.

We thank you for your prayers and generosity. Donation
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A wonderful Christmas story for the whole family!
The past meets the present as a young shepherd visits his new friend of the future and recounts the events around Jesus’ birth. A toy dinosaur adds a twist…
Because King Herod has heard about the birth of a “new king”, he directs his soldiers to slaughter all children under the age of two living in Bethlehem. Joseph must take Jesus and Mary and escape to Egypt. Joey, a young shepherd has befriended the Holy Family along with two other young shepherds, David and Luke. The boys want to leave with Joseph but he can’t wait for the boys to sell their flocks. Herod’s soldiers could arrive at any time so he must leave the boys behind. They vow to follow. They don’t find Jesus, but in high adventure they do rescue a teenage slave girl who is owned by an evil Egyptian innkeeper. Joey tells this ancient story to his modern day friend, Josh, explaining he was actually there. Josh isn’t sure if Joey is a ghost, spirit, or angel.
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