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We are a team! A Team of God.


As a team, we can reach out to those in need but this requires resources. If you are able, please donate to help continue our programs and to expand our outreach. Also, if you would like to join us or if you would like us to help you on your projects, please reach out. Let’s talk.

2290 23rd Street SW

Naples, FL 34117


S.A. Jewell offers her books for sale.  (see book tab.) New Release: Solomon's Concubine.  Order from: for all S.A. Jewell books. Revenue generated will be donated to programs.

"In this tale Nalussa, a lovely young Jewish woman is recruited involuntarily into the harem of King Solomon. S.A. Jewell crafts a Biblical narrative that is both beautiful and brutal - the very harshness of Nalussa's fate makes the book's persistent theme of faith and hope all the more remarkable. Christian fiction is seldom written to this level of artistry - don't miss it."

Steve Donoghue, editor and book critic.

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The Chosen. A Free TV Streaming Series on #bingeJesus #getusedtodifferent
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