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Pass the Torch Ministries

In the city of Lira, Uganda, Pass the Torch Ministries reaches out to rural communities teaching and preaching the Bible. TOG partners with them to bring Bibles in the languages of the people. We need more resources such as a copy machine, paper, video projector, and other teaching materials, but we especially need Bibles and in order to reach the communities, we need reliable transportation beyond motor bikes and bicycles. 


Through the latter part of 2019 and the greater part of 2020, PTTM, led by James Adupa Etot and his team conducted 13 seminars and trained 759 pastors! PTTM delivered 177 Bibles and fourteen evangelism crusades were conducted in 10 villages. Report from those villages indicate 118 adults were born again, and an uncounted number prayed for! One pastor testified, "Now I no longer move around borrowing a Bible to help me prepare my sermon and teaching and preaching in Sunday services"

Please donate! 100 % of all proceeds go to PTTM needs. 


And recently, Pass the Torch Ministries trained rural residents in community garden projects that has been immensely successful in enabling villagers to become more food independent. The partnership of TOG and PTTM will continue to evangelize throughout rural areas of Lira, and to help villagers become self-sustaining through community gardening efforts. 

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